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Наш сайт знакомств создан специально для поиска содержанки или спонсора. Этот сайт платный. Благодаря платному функционалу вы можете видеть контактные данные пользователей. Это отличает нас от всех остальных сайтов подобной тематики.

Kept woman - a girl who lives at the expense of his men. Modern Kept usually lead a decent life, they have a formal job. Women are at such a relationship to allow slightly more than they currently are. For example, the kept woman can travel with her lover. Alone it will not be enough money. Kept - these are ordinary girls who are all around us, especially in Moscow. A lot of girls have a rich lover.

You can register and search online kept woman. When you leave your computer, forget about the site and you write a concubine or a sponsor, we will send you a notification. You will be connected around the clock.

Men and women Kept sponsors.

Historically, the main users of our site - it's businessmen and directors of various companies. Therefore, we are called acquaintances business class. Our site is paid. Sign up only if willing to pay for a good internet service. This applies to both men sponsors, and of kept women. Prices are reasonable and acceptable for those who are serious. Basically, this dating site is used to search for a permanent relationship, mistress, kept woman. Women use it to explore the rich men. Our site is a good restaurant where you go to dinner. Here, everything you know and love.

Kept especially because with them pre-defined and understood. This is convenient, because immediately clear future costs. The most Kept it too convenient. She can count on bonuses from men and to save money, which earns itself. This is an honest relationship that starts easily and is easy to end up leaving behind only fond memories.

Sponsor - someone who provides a kept woman or a lover. Usually, this is a man of 30 years who has achieved success in different directions, but lonely, because there was no time to engage in personal life. He may be married, but from marriage does not enjoy. As a rule, sponsored by representatives of medium and large businesses, politicians, top managers of well-known companies. Do not be surprised if in Ruamo get acquainted with the man, who saw in the media. Look for the status of the questionnaire will sponsor to find her.

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